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The Luminous Way ...

Gnosticism, mysticism, stoicism, ancient wisdom, and mythic archetypal studies blend together to provide deep insight into the great questions of life.  The Luminous Way's methods include Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot, giving you a trifecta of tools to carry with you on your journey through this lifetime. The path through life is not always straight, not always full of rainbows and lollipops, and very seldom in your control.  Let's use these ancient tools of navigation, set the course for your North Node (your Soul's Purpose), and discover the treasures of the Real You.

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Miss Kristi

I have been studying Astrology, Numerology, Tarot since mid-2010, giving me over a decade of experience in using these tools to help others on their path to Enlightenment.

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