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On the path to Enlightenment

Astrology | Numerology | Tarot

"...if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light." -- Matthew 6:22-23

Know Thyself.


The Luminous Way

Gnosticism, mysticism, ancient wisdom, and mythic archetypal studies  blend together to provide deep insight into the great questions of life.

Ornamental Arabic lantern with burning candle glowing at night. Festive greeting card, inv

The alignment of the stars at the minute of your birth provides a unique window into your Soul's purpose for this lifetime.

Astrology is much more than your Sun Sign.


Discover how your North Node can guide you, your South Node can trip you up, your Saturn is the window into your Soul.


The universe is programmed by numbers, with hidden patterns in everything from the design of a flower, a shell, a snowflake ... to the exemplary design of YOU. 

Discover how your Birth Number can tell you about your innate qualities and traits - the real persona behind the mask you present to the world.


Appearing in the mid-1400s, the Tarot deck is a series of archetypal images that, when used correctly, can provide illumination on a variety of topics.


The answers it provides are a product of the energy from the Questioner and the interpretations and insights of the Reader.

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